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NEWEST Aerial Photos -- July 2005
Original Aerial Photos
The Stronghold -- Our New Home
Clubhouse Reconstruction
Holiday Lake
Potomac Views
Boat Launch & Beach Area
Clubhouse & Campground
Our Property
Driving Range, Barn, Tennis Courts
Bay Quarter Shores
Driving Range, Barn, Tennis Courts

Miscellaneous features of the development add to its charm.

Members enjoy the barn, tennis courts, driving range and other facilities.

The barn is in proximity to the basketball and tennis courts

Shoot hoops at the basketball court -- across the street from the tennis court

The driving range has distance indicators on flags

Pure water from this 616-foot well has been dated by the US Geological Service at 30,800 years old

Shady picnic area adjoins the basketball court

A pair of tennis courts -- including one that has a bounce-back wall

Many photos in this collection were taken during our visit to Bay Quarter Shores on March 20, 2004.  Others have been added in the months and years since.  All photos taken by Michael Goodrich-Stuart are copyright by the owner.  Please e-mail for permission to use them, which will generally be freely granted.