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Nightmare -- An exploration of Night
Who is Elie Wiesel? What was the Holocaust?
What was the concentration camp system?
Dr. Mengele: man or myth?
Can Night fall again?

My students will need to do this by May 8th or 9th!

Elie Wiesel's Night
A true tale of terror.  A personal record of one of the darkest episodes in history.


Wiesel's Night inspired me to pen these words ...

What is night?
Mere absence of light?
Or is it something more ...
perhaps the moment one's soul first feels total blight?
What is death?
The absence of life?
Or is it something else ...
eternal rest, or the end of pain and strife?
What is God?
An interceding force?
Or is He just a dream ...
man's mind His only source?
Can such questions e'er be answered in a world bereft of sun?
Or are they simply memories of he who hoped
that someday questions and answers would be one?

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