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NEWEST Aerial Photos -- July 2005
Original Aerial Photos
The Stronghold -- Our New Home
Clubhouse Reconstruction
Holiday Lake
Potomac Views
Boat Launch & Beach Area
Clubhouse & Campground
Our Property
Driving Range, Barn, Tennis Courts
Bay Quarter Shores
Holiday Lake

Dark waters of Holiday Lake reflect the treed shoreline.  This is shot from our property, which is on the water.

As smooth as a mirror, reflecting the serene sky

Minnows and venerable snapping turtles swim in the waters of Holiday Lake, which is a shallow body of water.  Hurricane Isabel hit this area in September 2003, tearing pines and oaks from the ground and and creating small water-filled potholes where roots once anchored the trees.  Our lot was no exception, as several huge trees were ripped up by the roots.