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NEWEST Aerial Photos -- July 2005
Original Aerial Photos
The Stronghold -- Our New Home
Clubhouse Reconstruction
Holiday Lake
Potomac Views
Boat Launch & Beach Area
Clubhouse & Campground
Our Property
Driving Range, Barn, Tennis Courts
Bay Quarter Shores
Our Property

We're the proud owners of lot 5, section G, at the northeast corner of Presley Creek Drive and Alabama Drive.  This lot fronts Holiday Lake, a small landlocked pond.  In addition, we own lot 48, section I, on Presley Creek Drive.  Lots H-78 and H-79, site of the Stronghold, are next to common land where you can drive golf balls, play tennis or challenge a worthy opponent to a game of basketball.

At last -- we were getting somewhere!
Lots H-78 and H-79 were cleared, awaiting the house!

Jill stands at the corner of the house
In the background, basketball and tennis courts are in the common land

March 11, 2006
Footers on Lots H-78 and H-79 were in. This looks toward the common land.

Aerial photo of Holiday Lake.
Lot G-5 is in the southwest quadrant of this photograph

Nov. 13, 2004 -- J-45 was cleared and ready for foundation work

Lot J-45 is in the upper right quadrant

Lot I-48 is in the bottom left quadrant


The forest primeval ... well, at least some woods that are definitely lovely, dark and deep.  Two does fled across our lot (G-5) moments after we arrived there.  Otherwise, all we heard was the wind blowing through treetops and distant waves beating on the shores of the Potomac.  This is our land in Bay Quarter Shores -- a plot of property on a small peninsula bordered by the Potomac River and a cove of Presley Creek ... that's on a larger peninsula (Bay Quarter Neck) ... which is on yet another peninsula (Northumberland County) ... which is itself on another larger peninsula (the famous Northern Neck)!

Lot G-5 is at NE corner Presley Creek and Alabama.
1. Boat launch, 2. Clubhouse, 3. Campground, 4. Barn, 5. Tennis, 6. Canoe launch.

Photo of lot J-45 on Presley Creek Drive

Rhododendrons and holly grow wild on J-45

Our newest lots (H-78 & 79) became site of "The Stronghold" when it was moved from J-45