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NEWEST Aerial Photos -- July 2005
Original Aerial Photos
The Stronghold -- Our New Home
Clubhouse Reconstruction
Holiday Lake
Potomac Views
Boat Launch & Beach Area
Clubhouse & Campground
Our Property
Driving Range, Barn, Tennis Courts
Bay Quarter Shores

Aerial Photos of Bay Quarter Shores

Potomac Shoreline at Bay Quarter Shores looking toward Presley Creek

Taken from Tom Stuart's Cessna Skyhawk -- Sept. 11, 2004

Blue waters, green trees, white sand, blue crabs!
Presley Creek enters the Potomac River, its warm waters contrasting with the cooler river

My brother Tom, my wife Jill and I took off from Tappahannock Municipal Airport around 10 a.m. for an overflight of the Northern Neck.  These photos, taken with my inexpensive Concord digital camera, are the result of that trip.  I brought along the Concord only as a spare camera, and it was a good thing!  The batteries in my "real" camera had mysteriously died.

Site of the clubhouse (then to be reconstructed), pool, boat launch and pier

Barn and tennis courts seen from 1,000 feet; Presley Creek Drive is in the background

Holiday Lake is a small, landlocked pond on which we have a lot

View of Bay Quarter Neck -- Presley Creek in the distance, Cod Creek in the foreground

Small points of land intrude into Presley Creek; barn and tennis courts in background

Presley Creek Drive (to the right) at the entrance of Bay Quarter Shores

The Potomac, some seven miles wide here, toward Lewisetta (Propellor causes the horizontal lines.)

Reedville, just 15 miles from Bay Quarter Shores
Main Street, Reedville, Virginia; sea captains' classic homes grace the Victorian town

Many thanks to Tom Stuart for taking us over Bay Quarter Shores.