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NEWEST Aerial Photos -- July 2005
Original Aerial Photos
The Stronghold -- Our New Home
Clubhouse Reconstruction
Holiday Lake
Potomac Views
Boat Launch & Beach Area
Clubhouse & Campground
Our Property
Driving Range, Barn, Tennis Courts
Bay Quarter Shores

The Latest Aerial Shots -- July 2005

Tom's Piper is the first made of its model, and was showcased in several aviation magazines

Overflight of Bay Quarter Shores, July 10, 2005

Tom conducts a rigorous preflight inspection

The tip of Bay Quarter Neck reveals the new clubhouse -- a wonderful facility for members to enjoy

Leaving Hanover County Airport around 11 a.m. on a sultry summer morning, we flew east over Tappahannock and entered Northern Neck airspace.  With Pilot Tom Stuart at the controls, we enjoyed a smooth ride across the Rappahannock River, with a few more bumps while over land.  The Potomac was a calm backdrop to the lovely landscape of Bay Quarter Shores.

Click for a full-size view (large file)
Mouth of Presley Creek at the Potomac is a sand-lovers' paradise


Many thanks to Pilot Tom Stuart, my brother, who was kind enough to take us aloft so we could shoot these photos.  I hope someday he'll find a home of his own in the Northern Neck!